We are a B2B Growth Agency focused on scaleable high-expertise businesses

Why Choose a growth agency like P5?

We know mechanical equipment manufacturers and their representatives.  We have consulted in sales and marketing with Trane, Armstrong Pumps, and Aermotor Pumps.  We have owned and operated a manufacturer's representative business.  We manufactured our own chiller-boiler packaged system under the Hydronika brand and developed product selection software for engineered products.

We know consultants and experts for hire.  P5 has worked with many high-end consulting firms, often in highly specialized niches.  These firm's offerings were all considered purchases involving research and due diligence on the part of their prospects and customers. These experts included software companies, financial services, and business consultants. We operated our own consulting business for many years.  Most of the industry experience we acquired in the HVAC and plumbing equipment industry we gained by installing sales and marketing tools while turning around both sales and marketing operations.

We understand the value of utilizing software to simplify and amplify sales and marketing in the digital world.  As both sales and marketing experts, consultants, and experienced members of the mechanical equipment industry, we are uniquely positioned to help both audiences acquire new customers.  It is what we do.

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Team P5 "Wizards not Whiz Kids"

Team P5 Captain - Robert Donnell
Irene Donnell close
Stephie Althouse
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Robert Donnell


Irene Donnell


Stephie Althouse


Rafael Moreno


Team P5 is led by Robert, an experienced marketing and sales consultant with a digital flair. He sees the principles of SEO as the foundation of any great digital marketing strategy.
His toolbox includes SEO, social marketing, influencer marketing, cornerstone content strategy, lead generation, marketing automation and link building.
His strengths include creating integrated digital marketing solutions using inbound marketing and selling technologies. He is a wizard, not a whiz kid. He has a passion for marketing strategy and executing the right tactics.

Robert holds an MSA from Pepperdine University and an MBA from California State University.

He is a veteran and speaks Spanish fluently.

Team P5's founding partner, Irene is an experienced marketer with a keen eye for creating value. Her clients get the whole package, when she combines marketing, website analysis, identification of ideal buyers, SEO, and Social Media Marketing into a focused strategy.

Irene is an experienced trainer and coach.  She is skilled at teaching clients and their staff to become proficient at excelling with their social media and outlining their content strategy for long-term results.

Irene is also a polished and entertaining public speaker. Her talk "Social Media Sorcery - How SEO and Social Media Together are Magic", was featured at WordCamp 2017. She was chosen to speak in one of 24 slots from over 600 talk submissions.

Dr. Stephie Althouse, Ph.D. is a proven business consultant and turn-around specialist and is a highly skilled strategic thinker.

Dr. Stephie has unique, guided processes that allow her clients to plan their success in a very focused and creative way. She is a firm believer in work/life balance, which reflects in her Business Power Plan.

Her uncanny ability to extract the brilliance from her clients and make it visible. This results in breakthroughs for teams and companies success.

She holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Dr. Stephie speaks fluent German.

Learn more about Dr. Stephie on LinkedIn.

Rafael is Team P5's technical SEO expert.  He loves solving puzzles and removing SEO errors, that get in the way of our clients ROI!

Rafael was a law clerk in labor law at the Venezuela office of a US International Law Firm. He worked in law while also opening his first business.

In 2014 he moved to the US and learned html5, WordPress, and CSS3 to become a web developer and studied technical SEO with the intention to become a specialist.

Rafael is bilingual and is fluent in Spanish and English.  Being an attorney by training he loves playing with words and understands their importance.


We've never met a problem or challenge that did not excite our creative juices. Bring it on!


Passion for our client's success is a daily diet for our team. Let us be part of your success. Your ROI is our ROI.


If we do say so ourselves! We have over a hundred years combined experience. We know a thing or two.