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SEO for Small Business

Small Business SEO

What should SEO cost by P5 Marketing

What Should SEO Cost?

By Robert Donnell | June 5, 2017

This interview with Dr. Stephie Althouse, Ph.D. was done to answer a question:  What should SEO cost?  It is our premise at P5 Marketing that because SEO is hard to value as it is intangible, people are tempted to spend very little. With the rapid pace of change in how search engines, especially Google, rank…

Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO – An Introduction

By Robert Donnell | May 17, 2017

Small Business SEO – an Introduction. By small businesses, we mean companies that have a limited marketing department with one or two people executing or in some cases we serve as their marketing department on the outside. Our clients typically do 1-20 million dollars in revenue and have a clear vision for long-term growth. SEO…

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SEO in Five Easy Steps

By Robert Donnell | April 16, 2017

SEO in five easy steps. There is no such thing! There are bunches of articles with seductive titles like: “Five Easy Steps to Good X”. That type of headline encourages a higher than average amount of downloads. Why? We are all looking for an easy path to success. Unfortunately there rarely is one. Often the five…

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