The purpose of P5 Marketing's SEO Audit™ is to accomplish specific SEO related tasks and deliver a roadmap for your SEO and marketing success.

The SEO Audit tells us and you where your website stands today.

  • We will perform a deep dive, detailed analysis of your website, your keyword targets as you see them, your competitors’ keywords and the overall keyword landscape of your business
  • Our process starts with a short questionnaire, a list of information and access to your site, followed by a 30-minute interview
  • During this meeting, we will discuss your target customer, what they are searching for, and what they hope you can provide them
  • We also want to know what “juices” you as a company. What is your mission? What are you passionate about?

Armed with the information we need, the audit begins.

  • When this process is complete (one to two weeks), we will meet again to present our findings. We will provide clear information about your “must address”, challenges, opportunities and how to proceed
  • The SEO Audit is a roadmap to point you in the right direction and will show you which technical errors and toxic links must be fixed to avoid penalties that can affect your organic ranking
  • It also reveals hidden keywords and potential opportunities that may give you a competitive advantage

The product is whole and complete. You may wish to implement your findings in-house or move on to the next step with us.

We do recommend combining the Audit with an SEO Strategy Plan. It completes the roadmap to increase your organic traffic and boost your marketing efforts.

In the audit, we address the following:

Your Current SEO Status

  • How much of your traffic is coming from SEO?
  • What keywords are you ranking for?
  • What are your best keyword opportunities?
  • Which keywords are "low hanging fruit"?


What Needs Improving?

  • What technical errors need to be fixed?
  • Where do you have thin content pages?
  • Does every page have a unique keyword focus?
  • What needs to be addressed and in what order?

90-day Action Plan

  • Content development
  • Keyword emphasis
  • Cornerstone content strategy
  • What metrics matter going forward?
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