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This Inbound marketing blog is all about things Inbound.
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Facebook is Putting the Social back in Social Media – How This Affects Business Pages

By Irene Donnell | May 17, 2018

I’m all for putting the social back in social media. After all, social media for business is not about hardcore direct sales. It’s about building relationships, trust and a brand that people relate to. It turns strangers into friends and buyers. As marketers and business people it’s too easy to lose sight of the fact…

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Inbound Marketing with Cornerstone Content Strategy

Inbound Marketing for Small Business – Accelerate Your Revenues

By Robert Donnell | Apr 23, 2018

I have a promise for you. This is not just another article on Inbound Marketing. It contains TIPS and resources that you can use to make your small business marketing more effective as soon as you finish reading. So read on and learn one or two new things that can boost your business results. Inbound…

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three stages of social media

The 3 Stages of Social Media – How To Identify Yours

By Irene Donnell | Apr 17, 2018

Have you ever talked to anyone that knew there were stages to social media, let alone what stage their business was at? It’s time to reveal this simple concept to help business owners get a leg up on their social media marketing. So, read on and find out what you can instantly do to adjust…

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social media fails image

Why Social Media Fails

By Irene Donnell | Apr 6, 2018

Why Social Media Fails (sharing our trade secrets) Over the years, we’ve developed social media strategies for many different types of businesses and helped our clients train their staff on these techniques.  We have a learned a few things about why social media fails. In that time, we noticed a number of common mistakes that businesses…

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Digital Marketing Tips CEOs

Digital Marketing Tips for CEOs

By Robert Donnell | Sep 15, 2017

Digital Marketing Tips CEOs is based on an interview conducted by Dr. Stephie Althouse of TopNotchCEO.com. Dr. Stephie and shared our views and opinions on how CEOs can shape, guide and translate their business vision into a digital marketing effort. This short video titled: Digital Marketing Tips CEOs – summarizes the main points. The entire…

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5 fatal flaws SEO Marketing

5 Fatal Flaws SEO Marketing

By Robert Donnell | Aug 23, 2017

5 Fatal Flaws SEO Marketing – Interview Summary As well as ensuring that you use all of the best practices, you need to avoid SEO marketing’s biggest mistakes. Here are the 5 fatal flaws SEO Marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for any company in today’s online business world. Without good SEO, there is…

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SEO Audit Specialist by P5 Marketing

SEO Site Audit – Your Business’s Road Map to Organic Success

By Robert Donnell | Jun 15, 2017

The SEO site audit is a process for periodical identification and strategic prior prioritization of issues on a website. It is vital to know where you are at, so you know where you need to go. During the SEO site audit, we assess a site’s search engine compliance and technical factors one of the most…

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What should SEO cost by P5 Marketing

What Should SEO Cost?

By Robert Donnell | Jun 5, 2017

This interview with Dr. Stephie Althouse, Ph.D. was done to answer a question:  What should SEO cost?  It is our premise at P5 Marketing that because SEO is hard to value as it is intangible, people are tempted to spend very little. With the rapid pace of change in how search engines, especially Google, rank…

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Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO – An Introduction

By Robert Donnell | May 17, 2017

Small Business SEO – an Introduction. By small businesses, we mean companies that have a limited marketing department with one or two people executing or in some cases we serve as their marketing department on the outside. Our clients typically do 1-20 million dollars in revenue and have a clear vision for long-term growth. SEO…

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Blogging is a key component of Inbound Marketing success.  This blog illustrates our own commitment to this valuable process.  This is us "eating our own dogfood".

From an SEO Marketing perspective a blog serves multiple purposes:

  • Fresh content on a periodic basis
  • Content that supports cornerstone content
  • Reinforces strong site architecture
  • Using category pages as landing pages
  • Helpful content for readers

We hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as we enjoyed writing them.  As you move around the site, it is important to notice that our menu items link to a cornerstone page.  The blog categories support the cornerstone pages.  Each blog in the category tells the readers more about the cornerstone pages and helps the reader learn more about the cornerstone topic.  All of this supports site architecture, makes our content clear to the search engines and to our readers!



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