The SEO Strategy Plan - Accelerate Your Goals

This plan focuses on how you are going to use SEO to grow and reach your financial goals.


The purpose of the SEO Strategic Plan™ is to tie the results of the SEO Audit into actionable goals and identify tactics that accelerate your marketing and sales efforts.

Here is how we arrive at your plan:

  • We will jointly agree on areas of emphasis and priorities. Our team then begins a deep dive into SEO strategy development.
  • We combine what we have learned from our conversations with you, our audit and analysis and then make specific strategic recommendations about your SEO marketing plan.
  • Our team then presents the strategy and tactics for your approval. This presentation concludes the deliverables of this project. You will have a good roadmap for SEO marketing which may be executed by your team or a vendor of your choosing.

See the elements of the SEO Strategic Plan below.

90-Day SEO Game Plan

  1. Keyword emphasis. What keywords or phrases provide the best opportunities? Identify and build a content strategy around them
  2. Outline cornerstone content strategy and implement it. What content needs to be developed? Pages, blogs, offers, tripwires, etc. Prioritize and create content.
  3. Technical errors and code issues. The SEO Audit identifies technical glitches to prioritize and fix as quickly as possible.
  4. What metrics matter going forward? Identify and track them for 90 days.
What keyword groupings truly drive your business?

And are they doing their job? If not, let's improve them and put the lazy slackers to work. 

What rich niches are involved with your keywords?

Do you have undiscovered little gold mines that could be developed for ROI?

What web content is needed to establish your expertise?

We call it Cornerstone content and it moves you up the organic rankings faster when done well.

What additional content do we need to support keywords?

What are the blogs, articles, and whitepapers required to support Cornerstone content?

What is the right role and mix of social media ads and PPC's?

Effective SEO marketing includes a well-planned approach to social and pay-per-click ads. 

How are you going to promote your Cornerstone content?

What other tactics are you going to employ, such as article placement, email or influencer marketing?

Are your social media channels right for your business?

Buyer profiles remove the guesswork and tell you the best social channels to reach new buyers in your niche.

What are the priorities and opportunities moving forward?

This is the million dollar question. The right answer provides newfound clarity, focus and direction.

Promising Positive Results.