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You might think because we're all about SEO, we're not about Social Media. But we are about both.

We Love a Challenge

We'll put on our marketing strategy hat and help you tie your Social Media Marketing and SEO together. That's how we make Social Media Magic.

You Build Relationships. We Build Profits.

At P5 Marketing, we believe that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are inextricably linked. In fact, in our experience, both SEO and SMM are far more effective when done in coordination with each other. Our clients have benefited from this insight by seeing more web visibility, more inquiries, leads, and sales. This happens quicker than they ever imagined compared to when SEO and Social Media Marketing are done as separate parts of their marketing.

The number one element we find missing for most of our clients in their marketing is a strategy. Strategy is the WHY. Think of it as "Ready, Aim, Fire!". Without a clearly defined strategy, you jump directly to Tactics. Think of that as "Ready, Fire!". Can you see how it would rarely be effective to fire without aiming?  It's impossible to hit your targets when you fire randomly.

By formulating a combined strategy for Social Media, Cornerstone Content Strategy and SEO Marketing you make magic for your business. We don't think of SEO and SMM as two different concepts, we call it Search Marketing.

At P5 Marketing do SMM strategy, consulting, coaching and execution. Your social media can be more effective and the staff member who is responsible for your SM success can hit it out of the park with coaching on how to combine SMM with SEO.

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The Three Stages of Social Media - Dating, Engagement and Commitment

Social Media Magic Stage 1

Stage One

This is the Attract stage, you are building a fan base and creating a social identity for your company. You are beginning the brand recognition phase. Think of it like dating. You are wooing potential customers to your social channels.

How long this takes depends on where you are now, what the company is ready to do in terms of resource allocation and staffing and how big your goals are. In this stage, you are not promoting or expecting sales (ROI).  What you're doing is posting to make sure you have quality content when people come to your channels, interesting posts, and videos to attract fans and links to your website, so people can “check you out”.

In this stage, you get the alignment of your team and set expectations for their participation. Otherwise, your social media will stay “siloed”, executed by one or two people without becoming a part of the company marketing. The progress and overall benefit to your entire marketing will not be known or even valued by the team. This can cause premature abandonment or slowing down of social media marketing efforts, a common mistake.

In this stage, you use paid promotion to boost your fan numbers and expose your brand.

Proposal SMM page

Stage Two

This is the Nurture state. Your visibility is increasing; your fan base continues to grow. Your focus in this stage is engagement. You want your fans to accept your proposal if you will, and tell all their friends how much they think of you.

Content should be strategically produced and post subjects should be carefully monitored to see what works the best. All engagement from fans (customer, potential customers, and their communities) is acknowledged and encouraged. This is when you stop promoting your page and start promotions like offers to drive more traffic to your website and create engagement.

Your team should be working together with the social media manager to build your brand, engaging with your SM and sharing about your company on their own channels. They should also be supporting your efforts with ideas and helping to shape your posting calendar. If they aren't, you will experience loss of momentum and lengthen the time it takes to get to stage 3.

In this stage, you should have an editorial calendar and a social media aggregator (like HootSuite, Sprout, CoSchedule). This is when you plan your posts and schedule posts out a week to a month in advance, allowing for spontaneous posts. This is also when you plan and create campaigns, that are executed over several months with specific business goals like increasing web traffic or launching sales.

In this stage, you use paid promotion to create engagement with your brand, content and some promotions but remember the focus is engagement, not sales. 

Social Media Magic Stage 3

Stage Three

This is the Sell stage - at last! This is the stage when you start producing measurable ROI. Your fans are committed to their relationship with you, a little like marriage. They show that commitment by spending money on your offerings.

You are meeting or exceeding your goals. New avenues of business growth are clear and your Social Media Marketing is supporting your overall marketing goals.

The length of time it takes to move to each of these stages depends on:

  • The assets you commit to your SMM (time, money, staff)
  • The consistency of execution
  • The commitment of company leaders to plan and integrate SMM into the company’s overall marketing plan

In this stage, you use paid promotion to drive traffic to your website, promote engagement and drive leads and sales.

Promising Positive Results.


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