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At P5 Marketing, we believe that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are inextricably linked. In fact, in our experience, both SEO and SMM are far more effective when done in coordination with each other. Our clients have benefited from this insight by seeing more web visibility, more inquiries, leads, and sales. This happens more quickly than they ever imagined it could compared to when SEO and SMM were done as separate parts of their marketing.

The number one element we find missing for most of our clients in their marketing is a strategy. Strategy is the WHY. Think of it as "Ready, Aim, Fire!." Without a clearly defined strategy, you jump directly to Tactics. Think of that as "Ready, Fire!" Can you see how it would rarely be effective to fire without aiming?  It's impossible to hit your targets when you fire randomly.

By formulating a combined strategy for Social Media, Cornerstone Content Strategy and SEO Marketing we make magic for your business. We don't think of SEO and SMM as two different concepts, we combine them and call it Search Marketing.

At P5 Marketing we do SMM strategy, consulting, coaching and execution. Your social media efforts can be more effective! The staff member who is responsible for your SM success will hit it out of the park with our coaching on how to combine SMM with SEO.

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The Three Stages of Social Media - Dating, Engagement and Commitment