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We Turn Business Owners Into Heroes

Do you feel like you can't trust anyone in marketing and sales?
 Does it appear like marketing and sales don't talk to each other?
 Does it seem like customer acquisition efforts "almost" work?
Let us put an end to your pain.
 P5 executes sales and marketing campaigns that are simple, trackable, and effective.
 Wouldn’t it be great to be a hero in your company again?

The B2B Growth Agency Blueprint

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P5 is a Growth Agency.  We help businesses acquire new customers.  What distinguishes P5 from our competition is our understanding of how marketing is connected.  We get how content marketing drives SEO, social media, and website architecture... and how when connected, it all works more powerfully! We generate high-quality leads.

For us, lead generation is only the beginning.  We recognize that most leads may not be ready to buy from you immediately.  They have to be nurtured over time until they are ready to buy.

A critical skill we possess is establishing a hand-off from marketing to sales.  Marketing has to deliver the right leads to sales, and sales must maximize the investment in these leads and deliver those new customers.

We can help sales be organized, and optimize their processes so they are responsive and efficient.  We can help sales departments use modern tools that reflect how sales are done in today's digital world.  It is not like it was even a few years ago.

Nowadays, customers are educated before the salesperson even contacts them.  This changed the role of sales.  Customers expect tailored information that addresses their specific needs.  They want it fast - and they want it now.

Is your organization ready for this?  We can help.  This is what a B2B Growth Agency delivers for you.

Small business marketing is very different from large company marketing.

The strategies are different

We work with smaller budgets and deliver results faster.

Working with a B2B Growth Agency Has its Benefits

  • SEO is about delivering traffic that brings visitors to your website - BECAUSE you need to convert them to customers.
  • Social Media is about delivering traffic, and social proof - BECAUSE you need to engage with prospects and customers.
  • Website development is not just about great design, it is the platform for everything you do online BECAUSE it sells.
  • Marketing automation exists to deliver the right information to the right prospect BECAUSE that increases sales.
  • A good CRM helps salespeople better understand what prospects need and be more efficient BECAUSE makes sales.
  • The bridge between marketing and sales is critical BECAUSE that prevents "dropped" clients and improves sales.
  • A B2B Growth Agency sees the whole picture BECAUSE they are focused on the process from start to finish.

B2B Growth Agency Services

You have to wear a lot of hats... and you need extra arms and hands.

Leave that to us!

We have the benefits of "fresh eyes," a commitment to plans before tactics and delivering ROI.

That's what a B2B Growth Agency Does!  We use modern HubSpot software to help you grow!

B2B Growth Agency - we can help you

Why is Marketing Strategy Important for Your Business?

Because tactics without a strategy is like building a house without a design.  It's not going to go well.

You wouldn't hire a carpenter before you hire the architect, would you?  There would be a lot of lost time and money if you did.

It's the same thing with social media, SEO, or advertising.  Without a clean strategic game plan, profit is wasted.

A B2B Growth Agency hates wasted costs that affect profit.

How Do I Get Started?

The best way to get started is an integrated marketing and sales plan.

You want a pilot with a flight plan.  You want a doctor with a treatment plan.
Military operations begin with a plan.  Professionals have a plan.  You need a plan.

We recommend using the services of a professional marketing agency (like us) to craft your plan with you.
It is difficult, if not impossible to do yourself.  You need a third party with "fresh eyes" that knows what they are doing.