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Small Business Marketing

We understand the needs of small businesses that are positioned to grow.

Small business marketing is very different from large company marketing

The strategies are different

We have to work with smaller budgets and deliver results much faster

We Help You Build Your Business

Most marketing failures a due to either a lack of strategy, or focus, or both.

Outsmart the bigger guys.

We focus on niches and turn all our "firepower" onto one target.  We look "big" to our niche.

Master the advantage of focus

Use the power of focus to dominate rich niches.

Leverage your agility.

You do not need to please a board of directors or shareholders.

Small Business Marketing Services

You have to wear a lot of hats... and you need extra arms and hands. 

That is us! 

We have the benefits of "fresh eyes" a commitment to plans before tactics and delivering ROI.

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So let's cover some marketing basics, improve your business and your bottom line.

What is Marketing, Really?

If you are launching a new business and you put up a sign that's advertising.

If you hire a sign twirler to draw attention to your sign, that's promotion.

If the sign twirler's outrageous costume gets picked up by the news that public relations.

If the news article gets posted on Facebook by a customer that's social media.

If the Facebook post is boosted to extend the size of the audience that sees it, that's advertising.

If the Facebook post contains a link to the website to learn more, that's online marketing.

If the website content used keywords that people are searching for, that's search engine marketing.

If all this happened as part of a strategic plan, that's Marketing!

Why is Marketing Strategy Important for Small Business?

Starting tactics without strategy is like building a house without a design.  It is not going to function well.

It like hiring a plumber before you hire an architect.  There are going to be a lot of inefficiencies.

It is the same thing with social media, SEO, or advertising.  Without a plan, there is waste.

With a marketing plan, thing go smoother, ROI improves and we leverage the power of the plan through measurement, improvement, and leverage.

What Makes Up a Good Marketing Plan?

Plan Design

Focus Targets

Message & Media

Nurture & Convert

Retain & Refer

Simple and easy to use

Short, 2-3 pages long

Functional, used frequently

Easily communicated to others

Target Audience

Rich Niches

Focus your resources

Customize message

Consistent messages

Advertising media

Measuring campaigns

Keeping the "winners"

Capturing leads

Nurturing leads

Converting customers

"Blowing away" customers

Increasing customer value

Creating referrals

How Do I Get Started?

The best way to get started is a functional marketing plan.

You want a pilot with a flight plan. 
You want a doctor with a treatment plan. 
Military operations begin with a plan. 
Professionals have a plan.  You need a plan.

We recommend using the services of a professional marketing agency (like us) to craft your plan with you.  It is difficult, if not impossible) to do yourself.  You need a third party that knows what they are doing.

Promising Positive Results.


Have we got a deal for you!

We offer a complimentary, one-hour strategy work session so you can find out more about using Cornerstone Content Strategy to grow your business.

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